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We're at our best when we work on the things we love. That's why I focus on the subjects that fascinate me - and you - both inside work and out.

Several Open Books

Translations to take you from proof to print...


I have translated 6 non-fiction titles for publishers including Phaidon and Quarto.

Great views of the lake and Hallstatter and Hallstatt Lutheran Church. Picturesque and gorgeous scen

...from glossy brochure to alpine bliss...


Travel means many things: The fulfilment of a dream. Expanding horizons. Adventure. Relaxation. And most importantly, memories. Language has the power to communicate all of these things and more, and as a travel professional, you need a translation that will transport the reader to another place from the very moment they start reading. Having translated and edited marketing materials for major tourist boards, airlines and hotels, I can help.

Sci Fi Village

...from development to desert planet...


Gamers, you know what I'm talking about. Those infamous dialogue translation fails that have become enshrined in the annals of video game history ("All your base are belong to us", anyone?). Sure, they may be funny but something like this has a serious impact on in-game immersion. And with new technologies such as VR and AR, immersion is more vital than ever.


...from catwalk to catalogue...


From the moment your clothes hit the catwalk, your image is on display. And when they make the transition from catwalk to catalogue, you can't afford to put a foot wrong. A fully-tailored translation will help you to keep your poise.

BW students doing work

...from campus to journal...


The higher education sector is changing. Students have more choice than ever before, not only in terms of what they study but where. Researchers too are affected by these changes and face increasing competition for both funding and visibility. With 6 years experience in higher education marketing and administration, I can help you reach out to the people who need to hear what you have to say.


...from exhibition wall to exhibition book.


At exhibitions, space is at a premium, as is the visitor's time, so information needs to be communicated clearly, succinctly and engagingly. Exhibition books, however, showcase the research undertaken for the exhibition, and are for visitors to relax and enjoy at their leisure. To be effective, translations for this sector need to reflect these different needs. I wrote my MA Translation Studies dissertation on translating costume history for museum exhibition books, which has given me an in-depth knowledge of written communication in this sector.

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