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I contribute translations of academic articles for books accompanying museum and gallery exhibitions. A selection of these books is pictured above. 

I have also translated primary historical sources for The Wiener Holocaust Library in London

and for The Societies Under German Occupation project.

I received a Distinction grade for my MA dissertation on translating museum exhibition catalogues, with a focus on traditional Russian folk dress. An article on this dissertation was featured as the cover story for the March/April 2018 edition of the ITI Bulletin.



I cotranslated The Weather Detective: Rediscovering Nature's Secret Signs by Peter Wohlleben with Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp and have translated numerous articles on nature and conservation, including a zoology book about mice and shrews and magazine articles about bees,,autumnal wildlife and developments in renewable energy.

Outside of translation, I am very active in environmental politics and advocacy at a community and national level and have run an environmental reading and discussion group called Green Leaves.

Great views of the lake and Hallstatter and Hallstatt Lutheran Church. Picturesque and gorgeous scen


I have been translating for the travel and wellness sector for 15 years. Clients have included hotels, spas, tourist boards, museums and tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


My most recent projects include translations for an open-air museum, a Swiss guesthouse and hiking trails in Switzerland.

Graduation Caps


I worked for five years in higher education, starting in recruitment and marketing, before moving into programme administration and ultimately programme development, academic partnerships and quality and standards.


I currently translate promotional copy for universities and higher education institutions, as well as content for internal websites, programme and module specifications and student handbooks.

Sci Fi Village


I started gaming 20 years ago with the launch of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil, sharing my interest by working in video game retail. My favourite games of all time are The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Eternal Darkness and The Witcher 3.


I now translate storyline text, dialogue and manuals, as well as instructions and rules for board games. I also write copy for online marketing campaigns.

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